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Port Stay

All Dominican ports are subject to basically the same charges of the harbour fees. The tariff is as follows:

Tankers and bulk cargo vessels

USD 1.21 for every foot of the L.O.A. per day or fraction.

Other cargo vessel.

USD 1.27 for every foot of the L.O.A. per day or fraction.

Cruise vessels (Port authority head tax)

USD 1.00 per every passenger arriving or boarding in any Dominican ports.

G.R.T. Assesment

Given the high investments necessary to upgrade our port infrastructure, the Dominican Republic Government, is following the growing world trend of opting to grant long - term management concessions on existing facilities, or new building permits to companies whom are in a position, and have shown interest, in investing their private capital in these ventures.

Under this mandate, the Port Authorities of the Dominican Republic (APD) proceeded to sign three (3) separate agreements, with an equal number of companies, to upgrade and operate, or build new port facilities in Manzanillo, Punta Caucedo and Rio Haina, in an effort to increase efficiencies in the existing facilities and meet future port demands.

The Port Authorities have also just notified this Association that, in a recent Board of Directors Meeting, new port charges have been approved, effective August 1, 2002. The resultant additional revenue, will be utilized to cover increased operational expenses at other ports, downsizing expenses of the Port Authority and, a portion, will be assigned to the new operational companies to help defer the high infrastructure investment requirements.

This new charge applies for all ports in the Dominican Republic and is effective

August 1, 2002 and tariff is as follows:

400 to 1000 USD 0.16
1001 to 2000 USD 0.14
2001 to 4000 USD 0.12
4001 to 7499 USD 0.10
7500 to 9999 USD 0.09
10000 to 14000 USD 0.08
14001 to 20000 USD 0.07
20001 and over USD 0.06

Note: All passenger vessels, luxury boats, car carriers, vessels calling from one Dominican port to another Dominican port and national vessels, are exempted from this tariff.

Starting August 1st, 2002, all vessels entering any Dominican Port will be charged USD 0.015 for every Ton of the Gross Registered Tonnage. This is established for the maintenance of the light buoys.

Note: Dominican and foreign Navy vessels are exempted from this charge.

Under the terms of an agreement reached between the government, the port authority and the shipping association, the necessary financing for the dredging every year of the ports of Rio Haina, Santo Domingo and Puerto Plata has been raised by the private sector with repayment to come from users fees. The dredging program is being administered by the local firm "Dragados del Caribe, S.A." which has sub-contracted the actual work to the Dutch dredging firm Ham Dredging and Marine contractors.

The dredging and harbour maintenance fee is USD 0.60 per foot L.O.A., on commercial vessels entering or sailing the mentioned ports.

For passenger ships, the fee to be paid is USD 1.00 per passenger.

Pilotage is compulsory in all Dominican ports. Pilots are ordered for the vessel from the respective harbour master's office based on the vessel's eta at the pilot station.

Daytime service is charged USD 2.00 per foot deepest draft, more than six inches will be counted as a foot. Overtime service (1800/0800) is charged 20% extra of the total daytime service. Shifting in the port is charged USD 1.50 per foot deepest draft.

There is a charge of USD 0.005 per ton of the gross registered tonnage as a fund for pension, purchase of equipments, clothing, medical and accident insurance for pilots.

Additionally the port authority charges 40% of the total cost of the pilot service.

Towage is compulsory for all vessels in those ports where tugs are available. Vessels will be billed for towage according to the tariff based of the gross registered tonnage, even if tugs are not required or used.

Passenger vessels are exempted from this charge if the service is not used.

The tariff for each service (berthing and/or departure) is as follow:

There is an additional bunker surcharge of 15% of the tugs regular tariff and also a 12% for ITBIS tax.

If two tugs are required for berthing or departure, the second tug is charged as follows:

7,500 to 20,000

50% of the tariff is applied for 2nd or 3rd tug used including additional time and over time.

More than 20,000

60% of the tariff including additional time and over time.

The congress of the Dominican Republic established (effective January 1st, 2001) a reform (law 147-00) of the value added tax called "Impuesto sobre Transferencias de Bienes Industrializados y Servicios" (ITBIS) which caused that the tariff for some private services in the ports such as towing, shore cranes, launch service, equipment hires, agency fee, security service, dock clerk, agency transportation, dredging and harbour maintenance fee and all stevedoring and terminal rates were added a 12% charge of the total invoice for the mentioned tax.

Basically, all ships are discharged by vessel's gears in all Dominican ports, stevedores gangs are hired from the Union Hall (Sindicato de Estibadores) and the gang consists of 13 men plus 4 additional (time keeper, water carrier, foreman & tally man). For your knowledge, there has never been any shortage of gangs in Dominican ports.

Arrimo is the handling of cargo from ships side to final place of rest, and it is a service managed by the port authority in most Dominican ports regularly used by cargo vessels. This is obviously a cargo handling charge and is paid by the party responsible for the stevedoring.

Empty containers inside the port have a free time of 10 days. From day 11 on, the port authority charges to vessel or operators thru local agent as follows:

A) Containers
20' USD 4.00/day
40' USD 5.00/day

B) Trailers
20' USD 10.00/day
40' USD 15.00/day

Below you will find an example of how the above mentioned tariffs are applied to a vessel calling at Rio Haina or Puerto Plata to discharge 23,000 MT of corn and soy bean meal in bulk:

L.O.A. 554'
G.R.T. 18,095